Your business partner in the New Zealand Composites Industry!

With our head office in Auckland, New Zealand, HS COMPOSITES Ltd. is a leading supplier of state of the art technology and quality products to the Asia Pacific Region. Focussing on the New Zealand market, we have distribution centres in both the Auckland and the Christchurch regions.

Our strength lies in consistent accurate colour matching of gelcoats, as well as the ability to produce products to narrow specifications only days before you use it! Thus eliminating the drifting of properties usually associated with time and long supply lines.

Our colour matching includes X-RITE technology to comply with OEM specifications. Backed by major international suppliers, our broad product range, technical / laboratory back up, production tanks in various sizes, as well as the ability to supply resin only hours after it had been produced, make us the most versatile supplier to service all your needs.

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Our Address

63 Hunua Road, Red Hill, Papakura, Auckland 2110