The CANZ Composites Recycling and Reuse Sub-Group is working to form collaboration, knowledge and supply networks across NZ and internationally to enable recycling and reuse of composites materials in NZ.  

We aim to support the implementation of solutions for waste minimisation, recycling and reuse options amongst CANZ members.

The CANZ Zero Waste Pathway was first presented at the CANZ 2020 Conference – this pathway informs our goals & action planning towards zero-waste for our industry.

2021 CANZ Conference – Reuse and Recycling Committee

Video Presentation

Welcome to our first virtual conference and sub-committee video presentation!

Please find below the agenda items as discussed in the presentation and links referred to in relation to projects and information resources.

We are always interested to hear about current challenges or new solutions and welcome new members!   Please feel invited to join our collaborative committee on every 3rd Monday of the month 2-3pm on Zoom.   
Email Caroline Gibson for the meeting invite.

Thanks for watching and we look forward to further discussions on these topics in person!

Report Agenda

  1. Contributor Introductions
  2. Update on 2021 activities:  Where we were and where we are going
  3. CANZ Sustainability Project
  4. Update on student research projects
  5. Waste diversion project example
  6. CANZ Waste Survey for 2021

Committee Links

Committee Webpage:

CANZ zero waste pathway:

Related Links and References for National and Global Alignment

Please download the full list of related links and reference for national and global alignment.

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For more information about the committee goals and objectives please contact Catherine Taiapa

Image credit: Bax & Company