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CANZ & CIRCUIT are pleased to announce the launch of this survey about waste minimisation, resource recovery and the creation of a circular economy for Composites Materials.
The survey is conducted by Circular Innovation (CIRCUIT) Research Centre from the University of Auckland Faculty of Engineering, the project is initiated by the Composites Association of New Zealand (CANZ) with co-funding support from Circular Connect.

Follow this link to the online survey:

Please note there is a variety of questions that may need a number of team members input.  Overall the survey is intended to take about one hour, but you can take as long as you need. This survey will hold onto your answers until you reach the end.

CANZ understands your time is valuable and we appreciate your effort. To ensure the most accurate data is collected, please submit what data you have, or make reasonable estimations based on your team’s knowledge. The survey will be open to collect your data up to the end of December 2023.

This survey aims to capture enough data to provide a robust representation of the Composites Industry Sector and lobby for support, investment, and government assistance in setting up a national recycling solution and/or circular economy synergies between composites suppliers, manufacturers & users in New Zealand.

By collaborating with CIRCUIT, your data will remain confidential to other industrial members from CANZ, and answers will be cumulated to provide a national picture of the circulation of composites materials, including mapping of waste generation and opportunities to capture value for circular solutions. Your participation or non-participation in the present survey will not affect your relationship with CANZ.
However, your participation in this survey is essential to enabling strategic insights that will allow the whole network to implement more sustainable industrial practices. – Thank you

The CEO/General Manager must sign the Consent Form (CF) for Organisation at the entry of the survey, Participant Information Sheet (PIS) will be available to download and provides all the details about the study methods, data confidentiality, etc. An additional set of PIS and CF will be available to download at the end of the survey for the CEO/GM and Employee that wish to enrol for the optional Interview. To be part of the present research you must be a staff member from an organisation that is enrolled in CANZ membership.

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 29.09.23 for three years, Reference Number 26436.

Download Online Survey Preview.