Kokako – NZ Human Powered Flight

Kokako – NZ Human Powered Flight

Human-powered flight has long been a dream of humanity, fuelled by the desire to soar through the skies like birds. While modern aviation relies heavily on engines and sophisticated technology, human-powered flight harkens back to the simplicity of using human muscle to achieve the extraordinary.

In recent years, various competitions and projects have emerged to further push the boundaries of human-powered flight. The Human-Powered Ornithopter Project, for instance, aimed to build an ornithopter (flapping-wing aircraft) capable of sustained flight. While achieving sustained and efficient human-powered flight remains a significant challenge, these endeavors contribute to advancements in materials, aerodynamics, and human endurance.

Beyond the technical and engineering aspects, human-powered flight captures the imagination and spirit of innovation. It symbolizes the relentless pursuit of conquering the skies through human ingenuity and determination. As technology continues to evolve, and with a growing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, the dream of widespread human-powered flight may not be as distant as once thought. Perhaps, in the not-too-distant future, we will witness a new era where the skies are shared not only by machines but also by human-powered aircraft, fulfilling the age-old dream of flying under our own power.

UoA Engineering School has acknowledged the potential of a Human Powered Aircraft project as suitable to upskill their engineering students and is looking to make some workshop space available for assembly.  The project team led by Roger Warren, is in the process of getting the students into the composites learning stage. There are over 40 students in the club, and they need to keep busy and interested. Once the Human Powered Aircraft building project is kicked off, it requires a lot of industry support and funding support. Any contribution in the form of technical support to this project would be appreciated and will allow the club to gain traction and put new student recruits straight into skills development early next year.
If any members are keen to engage with the project, please get in touch with vineeth@composites.org.nz.

Detailed Project information sheet below: